The Project

The project was born and developed as a challenge that involves everyone to fill a moral void with a social interest at the center: to reduce difficulties to the most fragile categories (the elderly, people with temporary mobility difficulties, the handicapped, …) .

We have made it possible and created a concrete tool, which can be constantly updated, capable of releasing information relating to the aids that are actually present, aiming at overcoming architectural barriers in port areas.

Creating a port on a human scale is our challenge, in order to reduce architectural barriers and create a better future, while at the same time becoming a model to follow and thus contributing to the construction of a global accessibility database.

We also strongly believe in the “attendance incentive” factor because we facilitate visits and the use of the port, transport, commercial activities and any kind of entertainment to the wider audience possible, showing particular care and attention to people with disabilities and to who is suffering a condition of temporary fragility.

Each visitor can enter the website with their own device and access the territorial maps with the display and description of dedicated services.

The dedicated services are all designed with facilitated access and it is possible to trace the routes even before landing in the port at any time of the year.

Bars, car parks, women reserved car parks, shuttle routes, terminals, police, toilets


Autortità sistema portuale